How an Upstart Podcast Nailed Storytelling And Got Everyone’s Attention

Every company wants to stand out and get attention. But few succeed. In this series, we look at success stories. What risks did these companies take? What conventions did they ignore? And most importantly, what did they do differently? A good marketer must think outside of the box for new ways to stand out.

Limetown is a podcast telling a millennial ghost story. And it is extremely popular. Since debuting, it has been one of the top podcasts downloaded globally. That’s a lot of success for a new show after only four episodes. Popular TV shows rarely get this level of hype so quickly, and they have the added benefit of massive advertising budgets.

New podcasts get attention all the time. So earning hype, in itself, is not particularly noteworthy. What’s really impressive is that Limetown was created by two people with no experience, and that it got immensely popular so quickly.

So how did two novices create such a sensation out of nowhere?

Pop culture gurus have their own takes, and so do we. Limetown stood out for two main reasons:

1. Creatively mixing storytelling mediums

Limetown took a risk to combine two elements that had never gone together before. Ghost stories are as old as history. Podcasts are a new, expanding medium that caters to millennials with talkshows. They put them together to create a voice and narrative style that stood out as different and interesting.

2. Ignoring industry conventions

Limelight is telling their story the way they want to and not subscribing to every industry standards. Three major examples of this are:

  • Episode lengths vary. One episode is 2 minutes. Another is 30 minutes. Form after function- the particular story drives the length of the episode.
  • Episode release dates vary. The creators wait until the next episode is fully baked before releasing. Schedule be damned. They are putting creativity ahead of short-term business interests.
  • The story arc was determined ahead of time. They are not making it up as the go. There will be exactly seven episodes. No sequels, and no milking the storyline for more cash.

Can you learn from Limetown and get your business noticed by doing things differently?

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